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The Ultimate Cheese Experience

Taste the best cheeses from UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

It's all about taste

Our Hampers, Gifts & Collections

Be it for Christmas, a birthday or simply a measure of your appreciation, there is a hamper here to say just what you want to. All hampers come with cheese notes and a gift card which we can sign for you.

Our Hampers & gifts

Our Cheese Wedding Cakes

Make your day extra special with a cheese wedding cake. Call us on 07771652226 to tailor your cake to your exact requirements and to arrange a tasting session so you get everything exactly right.

Our cheese wedding cakes

Our Hard Cheeses

Be it the creamiest or sharpest cheddar, the nuttiest Gruyére or Emmental or the crunchiest gouda, you'll find them all in this section.

Our Hard Cheeses

Our Soft Cheeses

The creamiest brie, the softest Epoisses, the smoothest and runniest Vacherin, and the most decadent soft goat cheeses can all be found here.

our soft cheeses

Our Blue Cheeses

The sharpest English Stilton, the lightest blue goat, the smelliest Roquefort and the softest, tangiest and most hedonistic Gorgonzola await you here.

our blue cheeses

Our Vegetarian Cheeses

Omnivores amongst us might consider the vegetarian option would compromise on taste...think again. Our top selling cheeses are all vegetarian friendly

Our Vegetarian cheeses

Our Irish Cheeses

Let's face it. We get enough rain to keep the grasses lush and green. Tap below for the best cheeses the island of Ireland has to offer us cheese nuts.

Our Irish Cheeses

Our French Cheeses

Mon Dieu. If the idea of warm baguette smothered under creamy brie or runny epoisses makes your taste buds dance then this section is for vous.

Our French Cheeses

Our Goat's Cheese

Deliciously rich and creamy, our collection of goats cheese, range from Ireland, Norway, England, Holland and Spain. Covering soft, hard and blue, there is a goats cheese for everyone.

our goat's cheese

Our Great British Cheeses

Cheeses from Wales, England and Scotland and Northern Ireland, (we are nothing if not politically correct) combine to provide a taste sensation like no other including the best Stilton....EVER !!

great british cheeses

Our Fine Cheese Crackers

These crackers never forget they're the support act and not the main event. Salty, but subte, a cracker should add to the taste of cheese, but not smother it. Delish

Fine Cheese Co. Crackers

Our Peter's Yard Crackers

Deliciously subtle, these scandanavian sourdough crackers come in a variety of flavours and textures, add pure class to your cheese eating enjoyment.

Our Peter's Yard Crackers

Our Something Specials

A little bit off piste, these accompaniments add a whole new world of flavour to your cheese enjoyment. Honey with truffle, grape nectar and a host of others....divine !!

Our something specials

Our Hawkshead Jams

Made in the Lake District, Hawkshead Jams and marmalades are renowned for taste and quality. You'll love the Rasberry & Vanilla - the creamiest jam...... EVER

Hawkhead Jams & Marmalades

Our Hawkshead Chutney

Not just your regular chutney. As well as cheeseboard chutney, Hawkhead are famed for exotic recipes such as Black Garlic sauces and Hot Beetroot Chutney.

Hawkshead Chutney

Our local makers

From chilli jams to live edge cheeseboards and everything in between, our local artisans really know how to produce quality of which we all can be proud.

Our local makers

Our history. Our mission

Established in 2018, The Artisan Cheesemonger is all about taste and quality. Passionate about our cheeses, we try to introduce our customers to tastes and textures they may have never savoured before (and are unlikely to by simply staring at the cheese fridge in the local supermarket). To this end, we sample cheeses day and daily for all our customers. So far as we are concerned it's all about customer engagagement and our customers seem to agree. If you would like to set up a free, personal tasting session email us on the link below.

Arrange a personal tasting session

Never been there! I want to but also hoping I don't have to. The simple reason being that those who know me well get that I love great quality cheese. I have been lucky enough to get several gift parcels. The selection of cheese is great and the quality is second to none.

Even the accompaniments are well chosen.

Sigh. Going to have to make the trip, aren't I?

Tim Gaston

Wonderful customer service and incredible cheese!. I was ordering from overseas and Sam was so helpful and easy to work with. The baskets are gorgeous and the cheeses are fabulous. I especially appreciate that Sam went out of his way to deliver the baskets at rather short notice.

Karyn. - Toronto

Wow. Sam spent just over an hour with us to let us sample cheeses and giving us a little education and history on cheese. It was a full experience. The cheeses may seem a little pricey to some, but you pay for quality, and well worth the money. This is now one of my favourite shops.

Emma Tully