Very Vegetarian Selection – top vegetarian friendly cheeses, from acro – The Artisan Cheesemonger Limited
The Very Vegetarian Selection

Very Vegetarian Selection – top vegetarian friendly cheeses, from across Britain and Europe.

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Why are our top selling cheeses all vegetarian.....because they taste sooooo good. For all you non vegetarians out there do not be thinking you are sacrificing taste for these cheeses.....they are totally deeelish !!

The Very Vegetarian Selection
Colston Bassett Stilton 250g
Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar 200g
Landana Rosso Goat 225g
Geitost 100g
Bluebell Falls Honey Thyme & Garlic Goatlog 100g
Fine Cheese Co. Crackers 1
Hawkshead Fig & Cinnamon Chutney 1


All cheeses are freshly cut to order. They are measured by eye and cut by hand. Occasionally weights of cheese may differ slightly from weights stated. Where a one cheese may be slightly lighter than intended another cheese will be slightly heavier to compensate.

 Allergen advice – all biscuits or crackers may contain nuts, wheat and gluten. All cheeses contain milk.